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AT&T and Trinity Cyber Collaborate to Deliver Commercially Managed Cybersecurity Solution to the Air Force

pr-card-25apr23-v1Air Force cybersecurity solution test paves the way for defense industry adoption of private sector innovation to advance the protection of our nation’s most sensitive information and systems  

Washington, D.C. – April 25, 2023 –  AT&T* and Trinity Cyber, Inc. have collaborated to deliver a highly innovative, commercially managed cybersecurity solution to the U.S. Air Force. The solution, a Secure Internet Gateway, is expected to greatly enhance cybersecurity protections and reduce risks for Air Force networks.

Malicious actors continue to target our nation's most sensitive information and systems to undermine our national security, public safety, and way of life. The Biden Administration continues to bring forth a strong focus on improving the United States’ cyber defenses, and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released five emergency directives and two binding operational directives between 2021 and 2022 requiring action on the part of certain federal agencies. The new Secure Internet Gateway solution from AT&T and Trinity Cyber offers federal agencies capabilities that can further enhance their cybersecurity posture and help them comply with these directives.  

"Testing new, commercially provided capabilities that could improve both cybersecurity and mission performance is an important step toward the future," said Winston A. Beauchamp, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Department of the Air Force. "We look forward to the analysis of the test data demonstrating a solid case for broader adoption of this approach across the Department of the Air Force.”

AT&T and Trinity Cyber offer the new solution to all federal government agencies. The solution enables a new approach to automated threat prevention at scale and speed that can reduce risk, decrease manual incident response, and enhance national cybersecurity protections.

“The Air Force’s test of this commercially provided advanced cybersecurity solution is a huge step toward improving understanding of how our nation’s cyber defenses can be strengthened,” said Lance Spencer, Client Executive Vice President – Defense, AT&T Public Sector. “Our collaboration with Trinity Cyber is another way for us to demonstrate the power of commercially provided advanced networking capabilities to help improve mission delivery.”

Trinity Cyber invented and operates a full content inspection capability that automates detective and preventive controls that actively defeat the threats and techniques used by our Nation’s adversaries. The capability mitigates threats before they can interact with customer networks, reduces incident response workloads, and decreases false positives. The Trinity Cyber solution focuses on the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by attackers. The capability is fully managed, operated, and supported by a world-class cybersecurity and operations team.

“The entire team at Trinity Cyber is proud and grateful for this opportunity,” said Thomas P. Bossert, President of Trinity Cyber. “It represents the culmination of multiple years of effort to reimagine network technology capabilities, improve collaboration between American industry and government, and build security into every aspect of our daily operations.”

To learn how Trinity Cyber’s preventive control capabilities help federal agencies comply with the Executive Order on Cybersecurity and achieve compliance with CISA directives, go here.

Go here for more information about AT&T’s work in the public sector. 

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