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Cybersecurity Pioneers Ron and Cyndi Gula Invest in Trinity Cyber, Inc.


Co-founder of Tenable, Inc., and creator of Dragon IDS also joins Board of Directors

Washington, DC — January 28, 2021 — Trinity Cyber, Inc., the company redefining network threat prevention, today announces that Gula Tech Adventures (GTA), founded by Ron and Cyndi Gula, has invested in the cybersecurity startup. GTA focuses on identifying and helping to build the next generation of cybersecurity companies while recruiting more people to the cyber workforce.

The Gulas founded two of the most successful cybersecurity companies of the past decade: Tenable, Inc., which went public on NASDAQ in 2018; and Network Security Wizards, where Ron produced the Dragon Intrusion Detection System, which was recognized as a market leader by global research and advisory firm Gartner.

“The ability to dramatically increase enterprise security with a profoundly different approach is the sort of thing that doesn’t come along every day,” said Ron Gula, who also joined the company’s Board of Directors. In addition to serving as the co-founder and CEO of Tenable and developing Dragon IDS, the first commercial network intrusion detection system, Ron also has run risk mitigation for the first cloud company, deployed network honeypots for the Department of Defense and served as a penetration tester for the National Security Agency.

The Gulas believe that Trinity Cyber’s technology has the power to take network threat prevention into the future. The company’s premise is that every internet session can and should be staged, decoded, parsed, fully interrogated and defended. As validation of this impactful approach and its impressive results, Trinity Cyber was recognized as a 2020 Cool Vendor in Network and Enterprise Security by Gartner.

“Companies are spending more than ever before on cybersecurity yet are seeing the exact same results. It’s time for a change,” said Trinity Cyber founder and CEO Steve Ryan. “Industry insiders such as Ron and Cyndi Gula and Michael Sikorski are clearly taking note of the way we are disrupting the market and providing a solution to an industry in desperate need of something new.”

The investment from the Gulas and Ron’s appointment to the Board of Directors come on the heels of renowned threat analyst Michael Sikorski, founder of the FireEye Labs Advanced Reverse Engineering (FLARE) team, joining the Trinity Cyber Advisory Board.`

“We have assembled the greatest minds to solve a persistent problem, and because of this remarkable team, I get to keep stopping the bad guys and protecting the good,” said Thomas P. Bossert, President of Trinity Cyber and former homeland security advisor to two past U.S. presidents. Bossert is viewed as the last effective cyber coordinator for the United States and the architect behind many of the nation’s security policies and capabilities. He now leads the team that is delivering disruptive capabilities to the enterprise.

About Trinity Cyber, Inc.

Trinity Cyber offers highly advanced network threat prevention by operating a trusted, powerful man-in-the-middle proxy that thwarts advanced hacking techniques and threats found within network sessions, without latency. The approach significantly increases network security with a near zero false detection rate. Through its fully managed threat prevention service, Trinity Cyber runs real time, man-in-the-middle countermeasure operations on full sessions at scale, giving organizations limitless maneuverability without disrupting the flow of business. Trinity Cyber is a game changing preventive control for the enterprise.

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