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Trinity Cyber Achieves Strong Business Momentum as Market Seeks Better and More Automated Threat Prevention


Rising Demand for Effective, Automated Threat Prevention Fuels Increased Customer Adoption and Growth in Strategic Partner Ecosystem

Washington, DC – June 21, 2021 – Trinity Cyber, Inc., a technology start up that redefined the network security gold standard last year, today announced strong business momentum and increased customer adoption of its revolutionary, technology-enabled service as organizations across sectors seek better methods of defeating cyber threats and reducing the strain on their security teams. New customers of Trinity Cyber’s service include federal agencies, state and local government entities, universities, and large enterprises in the utility, financial, energy, transportation, and biotech industries.

In addition to rapid customer adoption across multiple industries, Trinity Cyber has achieved a 35% increase in partner growth, launched a second service line, and deployed its services into joint product offerings and OEM partner solutions across its strategic partner ecosystem. Trinity Cyber is protecting its customers and powering the results behind other growing security providers. Company President Tom Bossert said, “it’s gratifying to see the partner-centric model we carefully curated pay off.”

Most Effective Threat Prevention Technology on the Market 

Customers leveraging Trinity Cyber’s technology gain superior results and realize up to 50% reduction in incident response workload with less strain on existing staff. These improvements will only increase as this new approach gains more traction. Trinity Cyber’s game changing technology delivers immediate results and persistently identifies and defeats attacks missed by all other network security companies. The Trinity Cyber team is modifying multi-stage, command and control (C2) attacks, malicious JavaScript, and remote code exploits within session traffic so users are protected, business operations are not interrupted, false positives go away, and security teams can refocus on their priorities. Case studies of how Trinity Cyber’s technology defeats Redline Infostealer attacks, and many others, are here. 

Enterprise customers are choosing Trinity Cyber for the depth, context and accuracy of its technology and for the access they get to Trinity Cyber’s world-class team of threat analysts, operators, advanced threat hunters, and reverse engineers who operate the technology for the customer as-a-service. The Trinity Cyber Engine is the first technology that can inspect full session Internet traffic (not packets) and modify it to remove exploits, malware and C2 so quickly and accurately that it runs inline and bi-directionally at line rate. This approach allows Trinity Cyber’s team to get specific, not relying on static indicators of compromise. This generates a near-zero False Detection Rate and delivers industry-leading results in detection and mitigation. Trinity Cyber delivers its advanced automated preventive control technology as a managed service, utilizing Trinity Cyber’s experts to operate and maintain it on the customer’s behalf and with their risk preferences on a 24/7/365 basis. 

According to the latest Deep Instinct survey, “the job of defending against increasingly advanced threats on a daily and hourly basis is causing more problems than ever as 46% of respondents felt their s tress had measurably increased over the last 12 months. These increased stress levels have led cybersecurity professionals to consider leaving the industry altogether, joining in the “Great Resignation,” rather than moving to a new cybersecurity role at a new employer.” Company President Tom Bossert said, “The old technologies and approaches, in whatever new marketing wrapper they want, are not working—and security experts know it. Trinity Cyber is growing because we invented a solution to both problems; better security and reduced workload on the customer. We have the first new breakthrough in network security in over a decade. The growing adoption and demand we are seeing for our technology-enabled service is a testament to the power of our revolutionary approach and our team’s relentless focus on execution.”

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Trinity Cyber, Inc. is a US-based corporation that invents and operates technology to solve the most difficult cyber security challenges. The company’s products and services range across several multi-billion dollar market segments. The company’s founders, management team, and technologists are all award-winning, recognized leaders in their field. 

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