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Trinity Cyber, Inc. Appoints Thomas P. Bossert President

Trinity Cyber, Inc. Appoints Thomas P. Bossert President

Washington, DC — August 19, 2020 — Trinity Cyber today announces that Thomas P. Bossert, a globally recognized security leader, has taken over as President to promote growth and deliver a fully managed threat prevention service to its clients, who face a rapidly growing threat online. Emerging from stealth mode last August, Trinity Cyber adds an active defense capability previously missing in the cybersecurity field.

In addition to serving as President of Trinity Cyber, Bossert is the ABC News national security analyst and a Distinguished Fellow at the Atlantic Council. Bossert joined Trinity Cyber in 2019 as Chief Strategy Officer and previously served as homeland security advisor to two U.S. Presidents. While at the White House, Bossert served as the Nation’s chief risk officer responsible for cybersecurity, homeland security, counterterrorism and global health security. He also founded and led a management consulting business that supported commercial clients as they assessed and managed multifaceted, complex risk structures and compliance requirements.

“Tom’s appointment is another positive step for our company as we experience rapid growth and forge an entirely new cybersecurity service for U.S. businesses,” said Trinity Cyber co-founder and CEO Steve Ryan. “Tom has a deep understanding of risk management and tremendous leadership experience that is invaluable to Trinity Cyber as we drive uncharted innovation and prepare for even greater customer success.”

Trinity Cyber’s service can cut its customers’ risk in half, with near zero false detection rates. And the timing is welcomed by industry experts. Cyberattacks against financial firms are up 238 percent this year. In April, the FBI’s Cyber Division reported a 300-400 percent increase in daily complaints at its Internet Crime Complaint Center. And, according to IBM and the Ponemon Institute, a successful cyberattack can cost a company an average of $3.86 million, with nation-state attacks averaging $4.43 million in costs. The pandemic “has created enormous opportunities for hackers around the globe,” according to Jon Harris of AIM13-CVP.

“Tom Bossert’s experience leading the federal government’s risk management and cyber strategies gives him vital insight into the security challenges facing corporate America. As the threat landscape evolves and the transition to the digital economy accelerates, Tom is well positioned to deliver Trinity Cyber’s additive security to the industry as President,” said Thomas Wagner of Knighthead Capital and Chairman of the Trinity Cyber Board.

“I have full confidence in Tom to lead Trinity Cyber through these unprecedented times. He is not only an expert in cybersecurity, but a respected leader and risk manager. He will help Trinity Cyber and its customers derive value and see around corners during this pandemic, and beyond,” said Kathie Resteiner of Intel Capital.

Foreign adversaries are interfering with our networks more than ever. Geopolitical tensions are rising and remote work in the era of COVID-19 has expanded the attack surface of organizations around the world, exposing us all to greater risk. Trinity Cyber is giving corporate America a new advantage over attackers in cyberspace. It is the only company that provides access to elite technicians, malware analysts, reverse engineers and operators who can run active man-in-the-middle services and deploy countermeasures on an organization’s behalf. When deployed, the preventive results are incredible.

“I am deeply impressed by the value we deliver to our customers. The Trinity Cyber approach of running trusted, ‘man-in-the-middle’ operations, without latency, is changing the equation, making detection accurate and prevention achievable. I want to thank Steve Ryan and the team of profoundly gifted engineers, operators, and analysts at Trinity for developing such an astonishing capability. I thank them, the Board, and our investors for putting their trust in me to lead our next chapter. I am confident we will disrupt the cybersecurity market and experience rapid growth,” says Bossert.

Bossert succeeds Marie O’Neill “Neill” Sciarrone, a valued co-founder and past president.

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